The modern world is engaged in a rat race and we are all supposedly the bait. The ever-increasing aspiration to become more technologically advanced, beating the rivals in the race, and to be the first one, is taking a toll. Recently, the online food delivery aggregator, Zomato, announced a 10-minute delivery system which appears to be the first in the prepared meal delivery sector. With Zepto, Instamart and Blinkit having kicked off 10-minute delivery services for groceries and essentials last year, the race for fast delivery seems to have been given a green flag in India. This, on the face of it, seems very user friendly, convenient and forward-thinking, keeping in mind the fast-paced world with increased scarcity of time and advancement in technology. Many concerns and red flags have been raised regarding the potential traffic violations by the delivery workers. Though the Zomato CEO explained the workings of his proposed system, the plan isn’t convincing enough. However, the announcement has brought attention to the many gig workers in the country. The gig workers first of all, don’t have any of the protections of labor laws in India and plans like this are likely to put their welfare at stake. Moreover, there is a bigger issue involved here haunting the whole idea of super-quick food delivery pertaining to the safety of the food delivery workers or the gig workers.